Michael's House Culture and Core Values

We define ourselves as a “Boutique Hotel”. We are creating a boutique experience for every guest on each day.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to use such experience to make each guest feel as though they are visiting the home of an “Old friend.” Every “moment of truth” between our employees and guests should emulate this experience.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to demonstrate a positive “can-do” attitude and approach no matter what the obstacles. We all promise to be part of the solution, not the problem, as we face the daily challenges and opportunities.

is to let every employee “owns” every challenge or problem presented to them by every guest, and make them fully empowered and accountable to satisfy the guest and retain his/her loyalty. No exceptions, no restrictions, no excuses.

is to be aware that we are bold, we take risks, we fight for our beliefs, and we are fearless in pursuing success. When we see an opportunity, we seize it. “Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

is to strive to improve and innovate in every area of our operations. Every process is suspect. There are no “Sacred cows.” This is everybody’s job.

is to make every employee feel happy on each day, as is the priority list of activities of the management.

Our Action

Our Action is to demonstrate passion in all we do: passion in serving our customers, passion in training, nurturing, leading, and developing our employees.

is to have “Zero tolerance” for deferred maintenance anywhere on our properties within guest view, or that may eventually impact the guest. We will do whatever it takes to maintain our properties in pristine condition.

is to strive to create the “shortest distance” and eliminate as many levels as possible between the customers and our management.

is to encourage every employee and manager to speak their mind without hesitation or trepidation whenever they see an opportunity to improve our customer service, product, profitability, or working environment.

Our Conclusion

Doing our jobs well, meeting our performance and service goals, making our guests satisfied, then we get paid. We all know that!